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The Zhou Lab at Texas A&M is exploring the fascinating frontiers of calcium signaling, optogenetics, immunoengineering and molecular therapy research by combining biophysics, immunology, protein design, chemical biology, drug screening, bioinformatics and mouse genetics. We are particularly interested in understanding how ions are transported across cellular membrane, how ion channels and human (epi)genome in mammalian cells can be engineered to achieve tailored function, and how dysregulated ion homeostasis and DNA modifications lead to human disorders.

Research Areas

Structure-function relations of  calcium channels in health & disease

Chemical biology tools for remote control of cell signaling

Novel therapeutics targeting ion channels & epigenome

Optogenetics & immunoengineering


CRAC channel (ORAI-STIM signaling)

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Signaling @ membrane contact sites

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Optogenetics & Bioengineering

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Epigenetics  & lncRNAs & Stem cell  (collaborations)
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Research sponsors

Cancer Preventions & Research Institute of Texas

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Robert A. Welch Foundation

National Institutes of Health

American Cancer Society

Texas A&M University