Research Combining Optogenetics with Immunoengineering

Our goal is to combine the use of optical and genetic approaches to remotely control the immune signaling network, thereby enabling photo-tunable modulation of innate and adaptive immunity at high spatiotemporal resolution.

The cancer-immunity cycle and opportunities for optogenetic interventions 

to improve cancer immunotherapies.


Tan P, He L, Han G, Zhou Y. Optogenetic immunomodulation: shedding light on antitumor immunity

Trends in Biotechnology2017,35(3):215-26. (PMID: 27692897)

CiDER | A chemical inducible epigenetic remodeling tool


Lee M, Li J, Liang Y, Ma G, Zhang J, He L, Liu Y, Li M, Sun D, Zhou Y# and Huang Y#.

JACS. 2017,139(13):4659-62. (PMID:28294608; #lead contact)

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Vital Records: “Epigenetic changes on demand: tuning the ‘traffic lights’ of DNA from red to green

OptoPB | An optogenetic tool for remote control of membrane tethering 


He L, Jing J, Zhu L, Tan P, Ma G, Nhung NT, Wang J#, Zhou Y#. and Huang Y#.

Chemical Science. 2017,8,5275-81. (#lead contact)

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