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88. A molecular toolbox for interrogation of membrane contact sites.

Jing J, Liu G, Huang Y and Zhou Y

Journal of Physiology. 2019 (PMID: 31119749)


87. Tmem178 negatively regulates store-operated calcium entry in myeloid cells via association with STIM1.

Yang Z, Yan H, Dai W, Jing J, Yang Y, Mahajan S, Zhou Y, Li W, Macaubas C, Mellins ED, Shih CC, Fitzpatrick J, and Faccio R.

Journal of Autoimmunity. 2019,101:94-108. (PMID: 31018906)

Full text

86. Discovery of Turn-On Fluorescent Probes for Detecting Bcl-2 Protein.

Liu T, Dong G, Xu F, Han B, Fang H, Huang Y, Zhou Y, Du L, Li M.

Analytical Chemistry. 2019,91(9):5722-8. (PMID: 30859811)
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85. TRIM59 deficiency curtails breast cancer metastasis through SQSTM1-selective autophagic degradation of PDCD10

Tan P, He L and Zhou Y

Autophagy. 2019,15(4):747-9. (PMID: 30653426)

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84. Near-infrared-light activatable nanoparticles for deep-tissue-penetrating wireless optogenetics.

Yu N, Huang L, Zhou Y#, Xue T#, Chen Z#, Han G#

Advanced Healthcare Materials. 2019:e1801132 (PMID: 30633858; #: co-senior authors)

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83. Discovery of small molecule inhibitors of the HSP90-calcineurin-NFAT pathway against glioblastoma.

Liu Z, Li H, He L,  Yu X, Tian C, Tan P, Li C, Jing J, Tian Y, Du L, Huang Y, Han L, Li M, and Zhou Y.

Cell Chemical Biology. 2019,26(3):352-65.(PMID: 30639261)


Datasets at NIH GEO.

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Vital Record: "A new way to stop brain cancer"

The Battalion: "Research team discovers new compounds that could treat glioblastoma"

82. p53-dependent autophagic degradation of TET2 modulates cancer therapeutic resistance.

Zhang J, Tan P, Guo L, Gong J, Ma J, Li J, Lee M, Fang S, Jing J, Johnson G, Sun D, Cao WM, Dashwood R, Han L, Dong WG, Zhou Y#, Wei-Guo Dong#, and Huang Y#. (#: senior authors)

Oncogene. 2019,38(11):1905-19. (PMID: 30390073)

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81. STIM2 interacts with AMPK and regulates calcium-induced AMPK activation.

Chauhan AS, Liu X, Jing J, Lee H, Yadav RK, Liu J, Zhou Y, and Gan B. 

FASEB Journal. 2019, 33(2):2957-70. (PMID: 30335546)



80. TRIM59 promotes breast cancer motility by suppressing p62-selective autophagic degradation of PDCD10.

Tan P, Ye Y, He L, Xie J, Jing J, Ma G, Pan H, Han L, Han W, and Zhou Y.

PLOS Biology. 2018,16(11):e3000051. (PMID: 30408026)

Open Access

Highlighted by PLOS journals as "Editor's Picks" in Cancer Cell Biology

Vital Record: "TRIM(ming) away proteins to curtail breast cancer"

79. Calcium sensing by the STIM1 ER-luminal domain.

Gudlur A, Zeraik AE, Hirve N, Rajanikanth V, Bobkov AA, Ma G, Zheng S, Wang Y, Zhou Y, Komvies EA, Hogan PG.

Nature Communications. 2018,9(1):4536. (PMID: 30382093)


78. Calcium oscillations coordinate feather mesenchymal cell movement by SHH dependent modulation of gap junction networks.

Li A, Cho JH, Reid B, Tseng CC, He L, Tan P, Yeh CY, Wu P, Li Y, Widelitz R, Zhou Y, Zhao M, Chow R, Chuong CM.

Nature Communications. 2018, 9:5337. (PMID: 30560870)

77. Identification of molecular determinants that govern distinct STIM2 activation dynamics.

Zheng S*, Ma G*, He L*, Zhang T, Li J, Yuan X, Nguyen NT, Huang Y, Zhang X, Gao P, Nwokonko RM, Gill DL, Dong H,

Zhou Y#, and Wang Y#. (lead contact)

PLOS Biology. 2018,16(11):e2006898. (PMID: 30444880)

Open access.

LncRNA CamK-A regulates Ca2+-signaling-mediated tumor microenvironment remodeling.

Sang L, Hu H, Liu G, Tian T, Ma G, Lu Y, Liu Z, Pan R, Li R, Piao H, Marks JR, Yang L, Yan Q, Wang W, Shao J, Zhou Y, Zhou T, and Liu A.

Molecular Cell. 2018(1);71-83. (PMID: 30220561)

75. How to fluorescently label the potassium channe: a case in hERG.

Zhang X, Wang B, Liu Z, Zhou Y and Du L.

Current Medicinal Chemistry. 2018 (PMID: 30488791)

74. CRAC channel-based optogenetics.
Nguyen NT, Ma G, Lin E, D'Souza B, Jing J, He L, Huang Y and Zhou Y. 

Cell Calcium. 2018,75:79-88. (PMID: 30199756)

Full text.

Genetically encoded tags for real time dissection of protein assembly in living cells.

Ma G, Zhang Q, He L, Nguyen NT, Liu S, Gong Z, Huang Y, and Zhou Y

Chemical Science. 2018,9(25):5551-9. (PMID: 30061986)

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Highlighted as "Chem Sci Picks" by Royal Society of Chemistry

Theme collection: 2018 Chemical Science HOT Article Collection

Vital Record: "A new way to diagnose diseases"

Futurity: "Watch protein fold in real time"

Front Line Genomics: "For Better Diagnosis"

Royal Society of Chemistry: "Unfolding clues to combat disease"

Clinical Lab Products: "Texas A&M Researchers identify new ways to diagnose diseases"

72. Optogenetic control of voltage gated calcium channels.

Ma G, Liu J, Ke Y, Liu X, Li M, Wang F, Han G, Huang Y, Wang Y and Zhou Y.

Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2018,57(24):7019-22. (PMID: 29569306)

71. Rewiring calcium signaling for precise transcriptional reprogramming.

Nguyen NT, He LMartinze-Moczygemba M, Huang Y and Zhou Y. 

ACS Synthetic Biology. 2018,7(3):814-21. (PMID: 29489336)

70. The role of autophagy in colitis-associated colorectal cancer.

Wu Y, Yao J, Xie J, Liu Z, Zhou Y, Pan H and Han W.

Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy. 2018,3:31. (PMID: 30510778)

69. Novel photoactivatable substrates for Renilla luciferase imaging in vitro and in vivo.

Zhang C, Cheng L, Dong G, Han G, Yang X, Tang C, Li X, Zhou Y, Du L and Li M.

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry. 2018,16(26):4789-92 (PMID: 29926875).

68. Digitoxin suppresses store-operated calcium entry by modulating phosphorylation and the pore region of Orai1.

Zhou L, Chi X, Zhu Y, Zhang T, Liu J, Ma G, He L, Zhang S, Gao P, Zhou Y#, Liu J#, and Wang Y. 

Current Molecular Medicine. 2018 (accepted)

67. Let there be light: a bright future for calcium signaling

Ma G, Liu J, Nguyen NT, Zhou Y# and Wang Y#.

Science Bulletin. 2018,63(16):1029-31.


66. Decoding the dynamic DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation landscapes in endodermal lineage intermediates during pancreatic differentiation of hESC.

Li J*, Wu X*, Zhou Y*, Lee M, Guo L, Han W, Liu S, Mo W, Sun D, Xie R, and Huang Y. (*Co-first authors)

Nucleic Acid Research. 2018,46(6):2883-2900 (PMID: 29394393)

65. Store-operated calcium entry mediated by ORAI and STIM.

Nguyen NT, Han W, Cao W, Wang Y, Wen S, Huang Y, Li M, Du L and Zhou Y.

Comprehensive Physiology. 2018,8(3):981-1002 (PMID: 29978901)


64. Engineered Cross-Linking to Study the Pore Architecture of the CRAC Channel.
Ma G, He L, Jing J, Tan P, Huang Y, Zhou Y.
Methods Mol Biol. 2018;1843:147-166. (PMID: 30203285)

63. Fluorescence-Based Ratiometric Measurement of CRAC Channel Activity in HEK-293 Cells.

Zhang S, He L, Zhou Y#, Wang Y#.

Methods Mol Biol. 2018;1843:17-39. (PMID: 30203274)


62. Patch-Clamp Recording of the CRAC Channel Current in STIM-Orai Overexpressing Cells.

Zhang Y, Zheng S, Zhou Y, Gill DL, Wang Y.

Methods Mol Biol. 2018;1843:1-16. (PMID: 30203273)



61. Optical control of membrane tethering and interorganellar communication at nanoscales.
He L, Jing JZhu L, Tan P, Ma G, Zhang Q, Nguyen NT, Wang J#, Zhou Y# and Huang Y#.

Chemical Science2017,8: 5275-81. (Cover article; PMID: 28959426)

Free Access - Royal Society of ChemistCry

Supporting Information.

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NIH Biomedical Beat: "Optogenetics sparks new research tools"

BioTechniques News: "Building a bridge between membranes"

Vital Record: "Building bridges within the cell -using light"

[email protected]: "New technique uses light to build connections within disrupted cells"

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60. Targeted DNA methylation in vivo using an engineered dCas9-MQ1 fusion protein.

Lei Y, Zhang X, Su J, Jeong M, Gundry MC, Huang YH, Zhou Y, Li W and Goodell MA.

Nature Communications. 2017,8:16026 (PMID: 28695892).

59. Mutations in 5-methylcytosine oxidase TET2 and RHOA cooperatively disrupt T-cell homeostasis.

Zang S, Li J, Yang H, Zeng H, Han W, Zhang J, Lee M, Moczygemba M, Isgandarova S, Yang Y, Zhou Y, Rao A, You JM, Sun D, Huang Y.

Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2017,127(8):2998-3012. (PMID: 28691928)

58. Engineered split-TET2 enzyme for inducible epigenetic remodeling.
Lee M, Li J, Liang Y, Ma G, Zhang J, He L, Liu Y, Li Q, Li M, Sun D, Zhou Y# and Huang Y#.

Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2017,139(13):4659-62. (PMID: 28294608; lead contact)



Featured in ACS Editors' Choice based on recommendations from over 400 editors of ACS' 44 journals

Highlighted in JACS Spotlights: "Epigenetic changes on demand with an enzyme-small molecule combo"

Vital Record: "Epigenetic changes on demand: turning the 'traffic light' of DNA from red to green"

57. The LINK-A lncRNA interacts with PtdIns(3,4,5)P3 to hyperactivate AKT and confer resistance to AKT inhibitors.
Lin A*, Hu Q*, Li C*, Xing Z, Ma G, Wang C, Li J, Ye Y, Yao J, Liang K, Wang S, Park PK, Marks JR, Zhou Y, Zhou J, Hung MC, Liang H, Hu Z, Shen H, Hawke DH, Han L, Zhou Y, Lin C^ and Yang L^.

Nature Cell Biology. 2017,19(3):238-51. (PMID: 28218907)


Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol | Research Highlights: "The cancer link(RNA) between PIP3 and AKT"

56. Light-operated Ca2+ entry through engineered CRAC channels.
Ma G, Wen S, Huang Y, and Zhou Y.
In Store-operated Ca2+ entry  (SOCE) pathways, Springer International Publishing
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology. 2017,993:117-38. (PMID: 28900912)

55. New bioluminescent coelenterazine derivatives with various C-6 substitutions.

Jiang T, Yang X, Gao Y, Zhou Y, Yampolsky IV, Du L and Li M.

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry. 2017,15(33):7008-18. (PMID: 28795755)

54. Integrated pipeline for inferring the evolutionary history of a gene family embedded in the species tree: a case study on the STIMATE gene family.

Song J, Zheng S, Nguyen NT, Wang Y, Zhou Y and Lin K.

BMC Bioinformatics. 2017,18:439. (PMID: 28974198)


SI: Phylogenetic trees for ORAI, STIM, and STIMATE

53. An engineered split-TET2 enzyme for chemical-inducible DNA hydroxymethylation and epigenetic remodeling.

Li MZhou Y#, and Yun Huang#.

Journal of Visualized Experiments. 2017(130), e56858. (PMID: 29286410)

52. Discovery of the first environment-sensitive fluorescent probe for GPR120 (FFA4) imaging.

Liu J, Tian C, Jiang T, Gao Y, Zhou Y, Li M and Du L.

ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters. 2017,8(4):428-32. (PMID: 28435531)

51. cybLuc: An Effective Aminoluciferin Derivative for Deep Bioluminescence Imaging.

Wu W, Su J, Tang C, Bai H, Ma Z, Zhang T, Yuan Z, Li Z, Zhou W, Zhang H, Liu Z, Wang Y, Zhou Y, Du L, Gu L, Li M.

Analytical Chemistry. 201,89(9):4808-16. (PMID: 28378575)


50. Molecular determinants for STIM1 activation during store-operated Ca2+ entry.
Ma G, Zheng S, Ke Y, Zhou L, He L, Wang Y, and Zhou Y.

Current Molecular Medicine. 2017,17(1):60-9. (PMID: 28231751).


Highlighted in "Editor's Choice"

News-MEDICAL: "Researchers gain new insights into factors crucial for STIM1 activation"

EurekAlert! AAAS: "Critical molecular determinants for activation of calcium influx into cells revealed"

49. Optogenetic immunomodulation: shedding light on antitumor immunity.
Tan P, He L, Han G, and Zhou Y.

Trends in Biotechnology. 2017,35(3):215-26. (PMID: 27692897)


48. Optogenetic toolkit for precise control of calcium signaling.
Ma G, Wen S, He L, Huang Y, Wang Y, and Zhou Y.

Cell Calcium. 2017,64:36-46 (PMID: 28104276).



47. TET1-mediated Oxidation of 5-formylcytosine (5fC) to 5-carboxycytosine (5caC) in RNA.
Basanta-Sanchez M, Wang R, Liu Z, Ye X, Li M, Shi X, Agris P, Zhou Y, Huang Y, Sheng J.

ChemBioChem. 2017,18(1):72-6.(PMID: 27805801)


46. Optogenetic approaches to control calcium entry in non-excitable cells.
He L, Zhang Q, Zhou Y# and Huang Y#.

Calcium entry channels in non-excitable cells. 2017:145-160. CRC Press.

2016 (10)

45. TRIM14 inhibits cGAS degradation mediated by selective autophagy receptor p62 to promote innate immune responses.

Chen M, Meng Q, Qin Y, Liang P, Tan P, He L, Zhou Y, Chen Y, Huang J Wang RF and Cui J. 

Molecular Cell. 2016,64:1-15.


44. Meeting Our Associate Editor. 
Zhou Y.

Current Molecular Medicine. 2016,16(7):1.


43. Illuminating cell signaling with near-infrared light-responsive nanomaterials.
Zhang Y, Huang L, Li Z, Ma G, Zhou Y#, Han G#.

ACS Nano. 2016,10(4):3881-5. (PMID: 27077481; #: corresponding authors)


42. The LINK-A lncRNA activates normoxic HIF1a signlaing in triple-negative breast cancer. 
Liu A, Li C, Xing Z, Hu Q, Liang K, Han L, Wang C, Hawke DH, Wang S, Zhang Y, Wei Y, Ma G, Park PK, Zhou J, Hu Z, Zhou Y, Mark JR, Liang H, Hung MC, Lin C, and Yang L. 

Nature Cell Biology. 2016,18(2):213-24. (PMID: 26751287)


41. Store-operated CRAC channel inhibitors: opportunities and challenges. 
Tian C, Du L, Zhou Y# and Li M#. (#: corresponding authors)

Future Medicinal Chemistry. 2016,8(7):817-32. (PMID: 27149324)


40. Discovery of the first environment-sensitive near-infrared (NIR) fluorogenic ligand for a1-adrnergic receptor  imaging  in vivo. 
Ma, Lin Y, Cheng Y, Wu W, Cai R, Shen S, Shi B, Han B, Shi X, Zhou Y, Du L and Li M.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 2016,59(5):2151-62. (PMID: 26821136

39. SKF-96365 activates cytoprotective autophagy to delay apoptosis in colorectal cancer cells through inhibition of the calcium/CaMKIIy/AKT-mediated pathway. 
Jing Z, Sui X, Yao J, Xie J, Jiang L, Zhou Y, Pan H and Han W
Cancer Letters. 2016,372(2):226-38. (PMID: 26803057

38. SOCE and cancer: recent progress and new perspectives.

Xie J, Pan H, Zhou Y# and Han W#. (#: corresponding authors)

International Journal of Cancer. 2016,138(9):2067-77. DOI: 10.1002/ijc29840.


37. Environment-sensitive fluorescent probe for the human Ether-a-go-go-related gene (hERG) potassium channel.
Liu Z, Jiang T, Wang B, Ke B, Zhou Y, Du L and Li M. 
Analytical Chemistry. 2016,88(3):1511-5. (PMID: 26730746)

36. Quenching the firefly luciferase by various ions.
Zhang H, Bai H, Jiang T, Ma Z, Chen Y, Zhou Y, Du L and Li M. 
Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences. 2016,15(2):244-9. (doi10.1039/C5PP00432B)

2015 (7)

35. Proteomic mapping of ER-PM junctions identifies STIMATE as a regulator of Ca2+ influx.

Jing J*, He L*, Sun A*, Quintana A*, Ding Y*, Ma G, Tan P, Liang X, Zheng X, Chen L, Shi X, Zhang SL, Zhong L, Huang Y, Dong MQ, Walker CL, Hogan PG, Wang Y, Zhou Y. 

Nature Cell Biology. 2015,17:1339-47. DOI: 10.1038/ncb3234. (PMID: 26322679) *Equal contribution


Supplementary Information.

Reported a novel optogenetic tool for optical control of ER-PM junctions: LiMETER

Related Protocols are available at: Protocol Exchange (2015) doi:10.1038/protex.2015.072

Supplementary Video 1 and 2

Featured as "News & Views" by Nature Cell Biology: "STIMATE reveals a STIM1 transitional state"

34. Near-infrared photoactivatable control of Ca2+ signaling and optogenetic immunomodulation.
He L*, Zhang Y*, Ma G*, Tan P*, Li Z, Zang S, Wu X, Jing J, Fang S, Zhou L, Wang Y, Huang Y, Hogan P, Han G & Zhou Y

eLIFE. 2015,pi:e10024 (*equal contribution; doi: 10.7554/elife.10024; PMID: 26646180)


Media Outlets

ScienceDaily  & Vital Record: "Harness the power of light to fight cancer"

The Battalion: "Researchers develop new cancer treatment

Optics & Photonics News: "Light-activated immune response"

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Australia Network News: "Using light to fight cancer"

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33. Inside-out Ca2+ signaling prompted by STIM1 conformational switch.
Ma G*, Wei M*, He L*, Liu C*, Wu B, Zhang SL, Jing J, Liang X, Senes A, Tan P, Li S, Sun A, Bi Y, Zhong L, Si H, Shen Y, Li M, Lee MS, Zhou W, Wang J, Wang Y, Zhou Y.

Nature Communications. 2015,6:7826. DOI: 10.1038/ncomms8826. (PMID: 26184105) *Equal contribution


Supplementary Information available here.

Supplementary Video available at Youtube. 

32. TMEM110 regulates the maintenance and remodelling of mammalian ER-plasma membrane junctions competent for STIM-ORAI signalling. 
Quintana A, Rajanikanth V, Farber-Katz S, Gudlur A, Chen Z, Jing J, Zhou Y, Rao A and Hogan PG. 

PNAS. 2015,112(51):E7083-92. (doi: 10.1073/pnas.1521924112; PMID: 26644574)


[email protected]: "Matchmaker lets calcium flow"

31. Novel Intramolecular Photoinduced Electron Transfer-Based Probe for the Human Ether-a-go-go-Related Gene (hERG) Potassium Channel.
Liu Z, Zhou Y, Du L, and Li M.
Analyst. 2015,140(24):8101-8. (link; PMID: 2652630)

30. Discovery of a series of 2-phenylnaphthalenes as firefly luciferase inhibitors.
Bai H, Chen W, Wu W, Ma Z, Zhang H, Jiang T, Zhang T, Zhou Y, Du L, Shen Y and Li M.
RSC Advances. 2015,5:63450-7 (link

29. Fluorogenic probe for the human Ether-a-Go-Go-related gene potassium channel imaging.

Liu Z, Wang B, Ma Z, Zhou Y, Li M.

Analytical Chemistry. 2015,87(5):2550-4 (PMID: 25665091


2014 (2)

28. STIM1 triggers a gating rearrangement at the extracellular mouth of the ORAI1 channel.

Gudlur A*, Quintana A*, Zhou Y, Hirve N, Mahapatra S, Patrick Hogan.

Nature Communications. 2014,5:5164 (PMID: 25296861)


27. Stromal interaction molecule 1 (STIM1) and Orai1 mediate histamine-evoked calcium entry and nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFAT) signaling in human umbilical vein endothelial cells.

Zhou MH, Zheng H, Si H, Jin Y, Peng JM, He L, Zhou Y, Munoz-Garay C, Zawieja CD, Kuo L, Peng X, Zhang SL

The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2014,289(42): 29446-56. (PMID: 25190815)


2013 (6)

    26. Initial activation of STIM1, the regulator of store-operated calcium entry.
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    Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. 2013,20:973-981. [PMID: 23851458]  

    Highlighted in NSMB "News and Views": conformational dynamics of STIM1 activation

    25. STIM-ORAI interactions that control the CRAC channel.
    Gudlur A, Zhou Y, and Hogan PG. 
    Current Topics in Membranes. 2013,71:33-58. [PMID:23890110]

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    2010-2013 (8)

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    Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. 2010,17(1):112-116. (PMID: 20037597)
     Highlighted on the cover of NSMB: “CRACing Ca2+ entry” 
    Rated as “Must Read [F1000 article factor: 8]” on Faculty 1000
    Reported as “Featured News Story” on Immune Disease Institute’s homepage
    Highlighted as “Featured Article” on Nature Signaling Gateway: "Calcium signaling: STIM1 and ORAI1 alone"

    19. Pore architecture of the ORAI1 store-operated calcium channel.

    Zhou Y, Ramachandran S, Oh-hora M, Rao A and Hogan PG.

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    Prior to 2010 (12)

    12. A single EF-hand isolated from STIM1 forms dimer in the absence and presence of Ca2+.
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    highlighted on the journal’s home page

    7. Rational design of protein-based MRI contrast agents.
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